Wilson, NC

Fresenius Kabi Plant Wilson Outside View

Our Fresenius Kabi U.S. center of excellence for prefilled syringes (PFS) is in Wilson, which is located in the eastern part of North Carolina. The Wilson site is a world-class facility with state-of-the-art, fully automated syringe technologies that are focused on the production and distribution of complex and critical drugs in ready-to-administer delivery systems and diluents, both for Fresenius Kabi and contract manufacturing partners.

The Wilson site specializes in the formulation, syringe filling, and packaging of aseptic and terminally sterilized
drug products and diluents with the advantage of being able to offer large-scale quantities and flexibility in the syringe portfolio and sizes. PFS drug products and diluents are produced on fully automated manufacturing, inspection, and packaging lines in a continuous process under controlled conditions. This highly automated and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, half of which is dedicated to prefilled syringe production, has a unique capability and capacity to launch additional tens of millions of new and existing commercial PFS drug products including biologics, highly active compounds and products (maximum OEL = 0.1 μg/m3), and products that are sensitive to temperature, light, and/or oxygen.

Operators in Wilson

Highly active compounds and products and biologics are able to be formulated and filled using disposable single-use system technologies with completely disposable and/or dedicated product contact parts for reduced exposure levels. Products sensitive to oxygen can undergo nitrogen-filling technologies with lightprotected palletization to achieve maximum shelf life and market value.

The site in Wilson has the capacity to fill and finish more than 100 million units of ready-to-administer product in PFS anually

including anesthetic, analgesic, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory,and a host of modifier and inhibitor therapeutic classes. These pharmaceuticals are filled in various configurations of syringes (Luer lock and/ or staked needle), and are inspected and packed in various configurations such as nested syringes of unlabeled bulk, as labelled and blistered (singles and/ or sheets), cartoned as cases, and/or are kitted with additional product(s).




Pre-filled syringe manufacturing at Fresenius Kabi
pre-filled syringes manufacturing packaging

This manufacturing facility is implementing additional automated state-of-the-art PFS manufacturing lines, suitable also for larger PFS formats up to 10 mL, flow-wrapped packaging, as well as IV bags and standard solution bags based on Fresenius Kabi’s freeflex® platform. These implementations will create a unique possibility to launch products across multiple platforms specific to various product and customer requirements.

To support you with a global supply of your product, our Wilson plant has been inspected by domestic and international agencies and will be capable of serving the worldwide market in the future, including key markets like the EU and China. In 2020 and 2021 the plant achieved ISO quality and environmental certification ISO ISO14001 and ISO50001. 

We are proud to offer our partners the possibility of filling their solutions into syringes and freeflex® bags in Wilson, North Carolina. Please get in touch with us to find the perfect solution for your formulation and filling and finishing needs.