Uppsala, Sweden

Fresenius Kabi Plant in Uppsala, Sweden

The manufacturing of emulsions requires substantial skill and experience. That´s why an increasing number of companies discover the advantages of letting Fresenius Kabi do the job for them from start to finish. As the pharmaceutical leader in clinical nutrition, Fresenius Kabi has unparalleled capabilities in the filling and finishing of lipophilic compounds. For instance at Fresenius Kabi Uppsala, one of the most modern facilities in the world for the fill & finish of sterile products and specialized in manufacturing and processing emulsions. Starting off in a truly state-of-the-art formulation department that can accommodate small to very large batch sizes, the various ingredients undergo a sequence of process steps that will eventually turn them into a stable emulsion filled in ampoules, vials or bags and ready to be transported to any location in the world.

Another competence of Uppsala is multi-chamber bags allowing the filling of fluids into various compartments contained within one bag and separated from each other through breakable seals. By putting pressure on the bag just prior to use, the seals open and the compartments are combined into one chamber. Thereby all ingredients are mixed without affecting the integrity of the bag as such.


  • Prepare, fill & finish of terminally sterilized emulsions and solutions


  • Emulsions



  • Registered by Health Authorities worldwide incl. US FDA


  • Worldwide markets