Sterilization of Medical Devices in Fresenius Kabi Plant


All production units of Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing network offer its customers access to their sterilization technologies, operating their state-of-the-art on-site equipment on a very high-quality level, meeting all regulatory requirements.

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Automation in Pharma Medical Devices Production


Suppling our customers with products meeting their requirements, development and implementation of special manufacturing processes is essential for Fresenius Kabi.

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Line Assembly

Meeting the needs of our customers, ensuring operation on a high service level and quality standards is a primary goal of Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing.

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Injection Moulding Medical Devices

Injection Moulding

The technology of injection moulding, used at Fresenius Kabi plants, is implemented for manufacturing of high-quality moulded parts in large quantities with a great deal of reliability and production efficiency.

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In the production of our products we use our own extruded medical tubes. Choosing carefully our equipment, we rely on well-known extruder manufacturers with well-established and proven extrusion technology.

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