Brunna, Sweden

In Sweden, just North of Stockholm, there are two Fresenus Kabi facilities that play an important role in Fresenius Kabi´s leading position in manufacturing injectable emulsions. Fresenius Kabi Brunna´s competencies are organized around two important classes of emulsion ingredients: oils and phospholipids. It all started in 1980 with the purification of soybean oil and the isolation / purification of egg yolk phospholipids to cover in-house needs for manufacturing parenteral nutrition emulsions. Over the years Brunna has expanded the scope of Fresenius Kabi Brunna through starting the supply of products to third parties in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The manufacturing capacity has been expanded several times and Fresenius Kabi Brunna has developed into a large world class supplier of oils and phospholipids.


  • Fat emulsions
  • Liposomes


  • Purified Egg Phospholipids
  • Purified Soybean, Olive, Fish oils
  • Purified Structured Triglycerides
  • Product Applications:
  • Fat emulsions


  • Registered by Health Authorities worldwide incl. US FDA
  • ISO 9001


  • Worldwide