Our Manufacturing Network

Geographical Advantage

Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing offers a geographical advantage to its partners as it opens the door to over 20 Fresenius Kabi manufacturing facilities and innovation centers worldwide. In order to offer our international customers services with optimized supply chain costs, Fresenius Kabi has built up a manufacturing network in all continents offering products that fulfill the requirements in any country or combination of countries in the world. Using the global Fresenius Kabi production network, we are able to optimally connect our partners to the resources they need. Whether the goal is worldwide marketing of a pharmaceutical product or a medical device, or a special solution for a local or regional niche market, Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing can help you find successful business and manufacturing solutions. Get to know the details of our plants!

Quality Standards

At Fresenius Kabi, quality is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, of our business strategy and business philosophy. Our quality management system is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable national and international requirements as well as to meet the expectations of our partners and customers. For us, it is an ongoing task to undertake regular quality improvements across all operations. Our facilities are run in strict compliance with international quality standards (cGMP, WHO-GMP, ISO, ANVISA, etc..).