Our Medical Devices Technologies

Sterilization technologies Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing


All production units of Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing network offer its customers access to their sterilization technologies, operating their state-of-the-art on-site equipment on a very high-quality level, meeting all regulatory requirements. Putting safety first, we focus on our customers’ products and needs. Our experienced teams of experts will also assist you in qualifying the sterilization cycles appropriate for products and fulfilling the necessary testing. Depending on the manufacturing site, there are various types of implemented sterilization technologies, from electron beam and steam sterilization to ethylene oxide sterilization.  

Automation Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing


Suppling our customers with products meeting their requirements, development and implementation of special manufacturing processes is essential for Fresenius Kabi.

Prerequisite for Automation and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes is a passion for innovation and handling challenging processes.

By proof of principles in early project phases we gain valuable experience to design complex fully automated production lines in cooperation with well selected international supplier. Finally, the manufacturing lines are qualified, and processes are validated according to well established operation procedures in our different manufacturing sites.

Line Assembly

Meeting the needs of our customers, ensuring operation on a high service level and quality standards is a primary goal of Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing.Our line assembly technologies, integrated in the production process of our manufacturing sites, enable our customers to benefit from shorter lead times and optimized costs.

Hand assembly Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing

Manual Assembly

Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing provides its customers with customized solutions tailored to their requirements, considering any level of complexity of the final product. Our technology of Manual assembly is, therefore, an important part of the production process on our plants. Profound experience of our staff, supported by constant trainings and high level of process optimization allow Fresenius Kabi a great deal of flexibility in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers.

Injection Moulding Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing

Injection Moulding

The technology of injection moulding, used at Fresenius Kabi plants, is implemented for manufacturing of high-quality moulded parts in large quantities with a great deal of reliability and production efficiency. Depending on the number of tool cavities, plastic components could be produced automatically and cost-effectively. Our state-of-the-art tools allow the production of several million items, enabling our manufacturing sites to produce both simple technical parts and parts of highest precision and complexity. We can choose the shape and surface structure of the parts, focusing on the needs of our customers.  

The technology of multi-component injection moulding established at Fresenius Kabi facilities, enables both the simultaneous production of multicolored parts as well as the assembly injection moulding which allows to firmly connect the parts made of hard or soft components or design them to stay movable among each other. The production is carried out in clean rooms according GMP standards under controlled environmental conditions. The parts with particularly high purity requirements are produced on injection moulding machines with laminar flow modules and air deionization units.

Extrusion technologies Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing


In the production of our products we use our own extruded medical tubes. Choosing carefully our equipment, we rely on well-known extruder manufacturers with well-established and proven extrusion technology.

This technology delivers a fast response to any change in the process conditions and enable us high productivity and reliable operation.

Only high-quality tubes with regard to measurements and tolerance requirements will be produced and used in all steps of our finish products.