Stronger Together - Your Partner for Diluents

November 12, 2020

As a specialist in diluent solutions Fresenius Kabi is the right partner for you. We offer solutions, that fit together with your needs.

With a common purpose to supply life-saving medicines and technologies for our patients, we are stronger together.


All powdery products for IV applicataion must be dissolved before use. The liquid for reconstitution - the diluent - is a second drug product, without API. Like the active drug, it has to be registered and approved by health authorities in each country. The most common dissolution solutions are WFI, isotonic sodium chloride and glucose solutions. The type of diluent used depends on the formulation and compatibility of the product to be dissolved. 


Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing can offer high quality diluents in a variety of different containers and volumes. Fresenius Kabi is supplying standard salt and glucose solutions in hundreds of million units to customers around the world. 

We can fill your diluent of choice into glass or plastic containers, including ampoules, vials, bottles, bags and pre-filled syringes. The products can be labeled with the artwork of your choise, to provide an appealing and uniform presentation of drug product and diluent.