Halden, Norway

Fresenius Kabi Plant in Halden,Norway
Fresenius Kabi IV Bag production

Fresenius Kabi’s center of excellence for freeflex® IV bags is located in Halden, in the southern part of Norway, and builds on over 40 years of experience with more than 20 years of history within Fresenius Kabi. The plant focuses on the production and worldwide distribution of IV drugs and standard solutions, both for Fresenius Kabi and contract anufacturing partners.


The Halden plant specializes in the fill & finish of plastic containers that can be manufactured in-house through blow-fill-seal technology, has the advantage of a diverse container portfolio, and offers size flexibility.

IV bags are produced in automated production lines, and all steps (bag production, filling, overwrapping, sterilization, and packaging) are carried out in a continuous process under clean-room conditions. In Halden, we produce 100 million units of water-based drugs for infusion, injection, rinsing, and disinfection every year. We fill these pharmaceuticals in various plastic containers, such as IV bags (50 to 1,000 mL), polypropylene (PP) ampoules (10 to 30 mL) and vials (10 to 20 mL), and polyethylene (PE) bottles (125 to 1000 mL).

This manufacturing facility is highly automated and equipped with stateof-the-art manufacturing lines, half of which are dedicated to freeflex® bag production. The plant has recently implemented an in-house preprint machine, which offers a unique option to launch products with a multicolored print design on the primary bags. freeflex® bags can now be wrapped in different types of overwraps according to product and customer requirements. Light-sensitive products can be packed in aluminum overwraps, with black or multicolored printing. We also fill oxygen-sensitive drugs in freeflex® IV bags, where we combine nitrogenfilling technologies with the aluminum overwrap for the best protection of the drug product with a shelf life comparable to glass containers.



Fresenius Kabi Operator in Halden IV Bags

Halden produces more than 50 million units of polypropylene (PP) ampoules and vials each year.

The products are manufactured with blow-fill-seal technology that uses an automated multistep process to form, fill, and seal containers in an uninterrupted sequence of operations that are carried out in one contained compartment. Based on the product and customer requirements, the ampoules are packed directly into cartons, or
in a sterile blister pack, with black or multicolored printing.

To support you with a global supply of your product, our Halden plant has been inspected by various medical authorities, including the US FDA, to serve the worldwide market, including key markets like the EU, the US, China, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. The plant holds ISO quality and environmental certification as ISO 9001: 2018, ISO 13485: 2019, and ISO 14001: 2018. We are proud to offer our partners the possibility of filling their solutions into our freeflex® bags in Halden, Norway! Please get in touch with us to find the perfect solution to your fill & finish needs.


Non-PVC bags

Blow fill seal – bottles

Blow fill seal – ampoules

Blow fill seal – vials

Terminal sterilization


Solutions for infusion

Solutions for injection

Irrigation solutions

Emulsions for infusion

Intestinal Gel

Cutaneous solutions


Bags (50 – 1000 ml)

Bottles (125 – 1000 ml)

Vials (10 – 100 ml)

Ampoules (1 – 30 ml)



ISO 9001:2015



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